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Year 7 Religion: Belonging-St John Bosco and the Salesians

A guide to the life, values and key teachings of Don Bosco. It also contains links to sites that contain information on the Salesian Order, the Salesian Spirit and what it means to belong to the Salesian community

Who was Don Bosco?

Saint John Bosco was an Italian priest who lived in Turin (Italy) at the beginning of the industrial revolution. He dedicated his life to the children and young people around him. He was concerned these children often had no home or family. He was also very worried that these children and young people could not attend school. He started a school and at first, the children lived in his family home with his mother - Mama Margaret Occhiena. He founded the religious order known as the Salesians. Today the Salesian Order teaches Don Bosco's message of care and loving kindness in schools all around the world.

The Salesian Order

The Salesians of Don Bosco, officially known as The Society of St. Francis de Sales, are an international organisation of Catholic priests and brothers dedicated to the service of the young, especially the disadvantaged and marginalised.

The Salesian Family is a worldwide movement of people committed to the service of the young. It consists of over 400,000 people who are part of 30 different organisations aligned to Don Bosco.

The Salesian Spirit and the Salesian Community

Don Bosco's Key Teachings

Don Bosco's Values

Salesian Schools


Work Requirement 1 - Assessment

Assessment Folio

In order to complete this part of your Year 7 Religious Education Folio 'Belonging' you must research the life of Don Bosco. This research process has three steps to it:

Step 1 - Conduct your research

Step 2 - Plan your interview

Step 3 - Produce the transcript from your 'interview' with Don Bosco (tip - use your research to recreate a set of questions and answers as your interview). The transcript can be hand written or word processed.

Remember to check your finished work against the criteria to get the best result!



Have you:

Thoroughly researched Don Bosco's life and teachings and put this information into your own words using the research sheet and  included at least 10 questions in your interview?

Written an introduction and proof read your work for spelling and grammatical errors?

Completed a Bibliography using Harvard Referencing and attached it to your assignment?

Have you checked your assignment against the criteria sheet? Have you attached the Criteria Sheet to your assignment

Have you included your parent signature information?