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Research Skills: Research Process

Learn the 6 logical skills for systematic and successful research in any subject.


What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is when you use the words and ideas of others in your essays, projects and assignments and try to pass them off as your own.

You must always attribute or record the information source you have used in your research in your References or Bibliography.

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Research Skills Presentation

Conducting research is a process.  Learning some simple steps can help make your work efficient and successful.

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1. DEFINING your task or question


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What are you being asked to do?
What are the KEY words or IDEAS?

2. LOCATING resources

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 What TYPE of information best answers your question?
 What KEY WORDS will you use for your search?

3. SELECTING information


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Which resources have the information you need?
How will you EVALUATE the information?

The Big 6 is Fun!

4. ORGANISING new knowledge


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How will you ORGANISE your research, take NOTES and SUMMARISE?

5. PRESENTING your findings


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How will you present the FINDINGS of your RESEARCH?
What do you want to tell or show your AUDIENCE?

6. EVALUATING your work


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What did you DO WELL?
How are you able to IMPROVE your work?
What new KNOWLEDGE have you gained?

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