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Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge: Home

The Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge is a program initiated by the government to challenge students to read more and promote a love of reading. The Challenge is now OPEN for 2019, and Salesian College Chadstone is excited to be participating. 

All boys from Year 7 to 10 are encouraged to take the Challenge. As a Challenger, each student is required to read 15 books by a set date and keep records of their reading online. Students who succeed in meeting the Challenge will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the Challenge Premier in Term 4. For more information, please visit the Premiers' Reading Challenge website

In 2019, the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge (PRC) is also running its first reader’s review competition for secondary school students (years 7 to 10). More details are available at Reader's Review Competition for Secondary School Students. 

Challenge Rules

There are rules that Salesian students need to follow as participants of the Challenge.

  • You must be registered as a Challenger by Salesian College Chadstone.
  • You must be in a year level from 7 to 10.
  • As a Challenger, you must keep a reading record on the Challenge website individually.
  • Your online books must be verified as read by a Coordinator at Salesian College Chadstone.
  • You must read a set number of books during the Challenge. (see below for more details)
  • Individual reading records must be completed online by 2nd September, 2019.

Number of Books You Need to Read      

       If you are in:                You must read:               Number of Books from the Challenge list:

                Year 7                          15                                          10

                Year 8                           15                                          10

                Year 9                           15                                          10           

                Year 10                         15                                           5

What to Read

You must choose a minimum of 10 books  from the Challenge Book Lists if you are in Year 7 to Year 9, or 5 books if you are in Year 10. The rest can be any book you choose. 

You can choose books on the book list for your year level or a level above. If you are not in Year 9 or 10 and want to read a book from that list, you should check with your teachers or parents. 

You can read a book from a level below your year level if your teacher agrees. To meet the challenge, you still need to complete the required number of books based on your year level.

Where to Get Books for the Challenge

You can find many of the books from The Rua Resource Centre or your local public library. For your convenience, the Rua Resource Centre has put a PRC sticker on each book that is on the Challenge lists, as shown below:


How to Log in

As a Challenger, you need to maintain an up-to-date record of your reading online. All boys of Year 7-10 have now been registered for the Challenge, where a unique username and password are also provided for each student to log in and manage your own PRC account. 

Click HERE to log in the Premiers' Reading Challenge website. 

If you have any issue with your PRC account, please email Ms Bonnie Hu at For general enquiries, please see our library staff during the opening hours -- Mon-Thur 8:00am-4:30pm & Fri 8:00am-3:45pm, or email [email protected].

   * This is a guideline introducing what you need to do as a Challenger.



This is a copy of checklist that will help you to keep track of your reading. You can also print out a hardcopy of it from the link below .




You are encouraged to challenge yourself to read as many books as possible by the set date. If you meet the Challenge, you will be awarded in accordance with the level of your achievements. The prizes include:


* Certificate of Achievement 

All students who successfully finish the required number of books to your year level will receive a certificate of achievement from the Victorian Premier.


* Merit points

At Salesian, students will be granted merit points for Citizenship as per the number of books they read - 5 books for one merit. For example, if you finish 15 books, you will receive 3 merits. If you read 16 or 17 books, you will get 3 merits still. However, if you read 18 to 20 books, you will be granted 4 points. This means, the more books you read, the more merits you will receive. .

Please note that no merit will be granted if you fail to meet the minimum requirement of 15 books.


* Champion Reader and Premier Reader

The student who reads most in each year level will be nominated as the Champion Reader. The next three most active readers of the same year level are runners-up as Premier Readers.